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With All Your Heart


With All Your Heart

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“Here is a book to be welcomed enthusiastically, to be read carefully, and to be returned to frequently.” –Sinclair B. Ferguson

In our world, we use the word heart to refer to our emotions. But the Bible uses the word heart to refer to the governing center of life. We need to grasp the true meaning of the heart in order to better understand ourselves, our sin, and our need for redemption. As we rediscover the heart as the source of all our thoughts, fears, words, and actions, we will discover principles and practices for orienting our hearts to truly love and obey God with all that we are.


Table of Contents


Part 1: Knowing

  1. The Mind of Your Heart
  2. The Sins of Your Heart’s Mind
    Knowing Better
  3. The Prophet of Your Heart’s Mind
    Better Knowing

Part 2: Loving

  1. The Desires of Your Heart
  2. The Iniquities of Your Heart’s Desires
    Perverted Love
  3. The Priest of Your Heart’s Desires
    Purified Love

Part 3: Choosing

  1. The Will of Your Heart
  2. The Transgressions of Your Heart’s Will
    Rebellious Choices
  3. The King of Your Heart’s Will
    Obedient Choices

Part 4: Keeping

  1. The Keeping of Your Heart
    Preserve and Protect
  2. The Gatekeepers of Your Heart
    Eyes and Ears
  3. The Ambassador of Your Heart 
    The Mouth
  4. The Keeper of Your Heart
    Preserver and Protector

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Scripture Index


About the Author:

A. Craig Troxel (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is professor of practical theology at Westminster Seminary California. He previously served as pastor of Bethel Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Wheaton, IL and Calvary Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Glenside, PA.

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