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What's Missing?


What's Missing?

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Did you figure out which object is missing? I hope it wasn’t too obvious or too easy. But sometimes things are so important that they are VERY obvious when they’re missing! Let me tell you about the greatest “what’s missing” story of all time.


On a Sunday morning 2000 years ago, three women went to finish embalming the dead body of Jesus. It had been quickly wrapped in a burial sheet and put in a stone tomb the Friday before. The men who put it there had to hurry to finish before a religious day of rest began at sundown. So, on Sunday, these women were coming to complete the job of adding burial spices and ointments to the wrappings (Luke 23:56, 24:1).


When they arrived, they were surprised to find that the large stone over the door of the tomb was rolled back. Jesus’ body was missing! They couldn’t imagine what had happened! Then two angels appeared and reminded the women that Jesus had said He would die and then be raised to life (Luke 24:2-10).


No wonder Jesus was missing…a tomb isn’t for living people!

Why did Jesus die?

Jesus’ resurrection—coming back to life after his death on a cross—proved that He really was the Son of God. But if he hadn’t come back to life, it would mean that God hadn’t accepted his substitution for us. We would have been doomed.


You see, God’s book, the Bible, tells us that “all have sinned"

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