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What About Origins?

Day One

What About Origins?

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This book deals with some of the questions that have taxed the minds of scientists and philosophers for centuries - the origin of the Universe, the origin of the earth, the origin of life, the origin of species and the origin of humans. In What About Origins? the author demonstrates that the evolutionary explanations that are put forward to try to explain origins are invariably weak and are unsupported by the scientific data. The author shows that the ultimate answers to the questions of origins are to be found only in the Bible. It is in the Bible that we discover the answers not only about who is responsible, but also the methods employed, when everything originated and also, importantly, why. The author also explains how rocks are dated and shows that there are valid scientific reasons for believing that we are living on a young earth.

About the Author:

Dr A J Monty White BSc, PhD, CChem, MRSC has a degree in Chemistry and has studied Geology. After 2 years of chemical research at Aberystwyth University, Wales, Monty worked at Cardiff University before becoming CEO of Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe), a position he held until July 2008. Monty then set up Biblical Foundations Ministry and now has an itinerant ministry speaking and preaching around the world, as well as writing about creation/evolution. He is a Chartered Chemist and a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. he is married to Irene and they have 3 children.

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