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Traces of the Trinity

Brazos Press

Traces of the Trinity

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As the Triune God created the world, so creation bears the signs of its Creator. This evocative book by an influential Christian thinker explores the pattern of mutual indwelling that characterizes the creation at every level. Traces of the Trinity appear in myriad ways in everyday life, from our relations with the world and our relationships with others to sexuality, time, language, music, ethics, and logic. This small book with a big idea--the Trinity as the Christian theory of everything--changes the way we view and think about the world and places demands on the way we live together in community.

1. Outside In, Inside Out
2. Like Father, Like Son
3. I Am His, He Is Mine
4. Presence of the Past
5. Word in Word in World
6. Chords
7. Making Room
8. The Supple Imagination
9. I in Thee, Thou in Me

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