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Time & the End of Time

Soli Deo Gloria

Time & the End of Time

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“A work of infinite moment depends on a moment of time.” 

John Fox’s Time and the End of Time presents the never-dying soul with the weighty things one must deal with while standing on the coast of eternity: God, sin, heaven, hell, and, most of all, the personal work of Christ. Fox’s piercing and searching exposition of two main texts, Ephesians 5:16 and Deuteronomy 32:29, engages readers with motivations, directions, and applications so they can both “redeem the time” and “consider their latter end.” The span of life on earth quickly vanishes, and what is done with it will make or mar for eternity. Either infinite joy with God or the endless abyss of His fury—the hinge swings in time. “Therefore, do not procrastinate or delay…for a world.”

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