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Think God Think Science


Think God Think Science

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A lively and accessible conversation on science and Christian faith (cosmology, evolution, and historical study of the gospels).

  • Has science killed God?
  • How, if at all, are we to think God in the scientific twenty-first century?
That question is at the heart of this introductory yet intelligent book in which Michael Pfundner talks to biblical scholar and biochemist, Ernest Lucas.

The conversation engages three broad areas:

The Sky: as our scientific understanding of the universe its vastness, its age, and its origins has increased, have the stars stopped declaring the glory of God?

The Cell: what place is there for a good creator amidst the random genetic mutations and brutal processes of neo-Darwinian evolution? How can mere naked apes think of themselves as being made in the image of God? Did Genesis get it wrong?

The Faith: has the recent work of historians and archaeologists undermined traditional Christian belief in the historical reliability of the gospels and in Jesus' resurrection?

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