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The Victory of the Lamb

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The Victory of the Lamb

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At Calvary, the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, was not a victim of circumstances but a victor over circumstances: ‘The conflict at Calvary was the crucial and determining encounter between the Lamb of God and Satan. . . At the cross, Christ won and Satan lost, and Satan and his fellow-spirits knew it. . . There is liberation. Christ has won. Actual victory! That is something to preach!’

This is the theme which thrills all the redeemed in heaven. Frederick Leahy believes that it should also be their constant study while on earth. In this book he traces the theme of Christ’s triumph over sin, death and Satan from the first promise of redemption in Genesis 3:15 to the shout of triumph in Revelation 5:12 ‘Worthy is the Lamb who was slain!’

The Victory of the Lamb is a companion volume to Satan Cast Out, the author’s much-appreciated study of the biblical teaching on Christ’s victory over all the powers of darkness.


Introduction ix
1 The Creation Kingdom 1
2 The Black Banner of Rebellion 7
3 Victory Foretold 17
4 The Protracted Struggle 27
5 The Antagonists Meet 37
6 Picking Up the Gauntlet 50
7 Sifting: Satanic and Divine 60
8 Victory Achieved 70
9 The Woman and the Great Dragon 84
10 The Consequences of Christ’s Victory 98
11 Victor Emmanuel 114
Epilogue 125

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