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Suffering and Singing


Suffering and Singing

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As we walk through life the personal reality of suffering, its pain and anguish, becomes something we all experience. Tears, despair and hurt are commonplace in a broken world.
So how do we even contemplate singing at a time like this?
The writers of Psalm 44 were faithful men who were nearly overwhelmed by the pain of suffering. Why would God let them suffer so terribly yet undeservedly? John Hindley takes us carefully through the Psalm teaching that ‘God has sent our suffering for His sake. Suffering is not a mark of God’s indifference towards us, or His hatred of us. Suffering is a mark of His love for us. It shows that we are His.’ We have a Saviour who is familiar with suffering, and we must run to Him not from Him.
The storm can be troubling and dark, but this Psalm will show you that even in the midst of the darkest times, God is working and you can trust and worship Him.
‘This is one of the most tender, moving and perceptive books on the sufferings of believers that I have ever read.’ Faith Cook

About the Author

John Hindley is the pastor of BroadGrace church in Norfolk, England and the author of the Serving without Sinking. He studied for ministry at Oak Hill College, John is married to Flick and they have three children.

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