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Scripture Reading to the End

Day One

Scripture Reading to the End

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With a deep reliance on and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Army Scripture
Reader William Ransley takes us into the agony of the Great War and shows us men facing their mortality both with and without Christ. Posted to Boulogne in 1914 and later to the hospitals of Wimereux in Northern France, Ransley faithfully witnessed to those profoundly affected by the war. His honest, gracious testimony and compassion are a challenge to us all. This book takes Ransley’s diary and focuses attention on the period when World War One staggered to its brutal and horrifying conclusion in 1918. The need was great: so many souls on both sides, facing a violent entrance into eternity. Yet through it all, Ransley’s faith in Christ and unswerving loyalty to speak the truth is the light that shines in encircling darkness.

About the Author:

Bill Newton is a volunteer with MissionAssist. He lives in Berkshire and is a
member of a local evangelical church. MissionAssist was founded in 1989 to support mission workers through academic, practical and IT services freely provided by Christians working from their own homes. There are now nearly seven hundred such volunteers around the world. They use their abilities and skills to support and assist those spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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