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Right Side Up

Matthias media

Right Side Up


A stirring book for new and established Christians about what it means (and what it’s like) to live the Christian life … to live ‘right side up’. The central idea of Right Side Up is that following Jesus means being turned upside down in relation to the world around us. Becoming a Christian means changing your mind about things and changing your life to live for him – thinking very differently to the rest of the world about things like money and relationships and sex. All of which, to your friends and family, can look a bit like you’ve decided to start standing on your head. Of course, the real wonder of becoming a Christian is that in fact you’re not being turned upside down, you’re being turned Right Side Up – you’re learning to live the life that God meant you to live. Towards the end of the book, author Paul Grimmond also introduces people to some of the basic things of the Christian life – like the importance of becoming part of a church and reading the Bible and praying regularly – not as legalistic rituals but as a way of really growing in our relationship with God.

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