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Reflections From The Road

Cedric Wilson

Reflections From The Road

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“My central purpose in writing these two books is to share the truths of the Gospel through these true stories, and also to honour the memory of some remarkable people I have met, some of them well-known and some hardly known at all.

“My aim will have been achieved if the stories help readers realise what it means to follow Jesus and experience the greatest hope of all – the wonder of life that never ends and continues in the new heaven and new earth, where there will be no sorrow, sadness or pandemics.”

Jim Rea commentating on this book Reflections From the Road and his previous work Stories From the Street and Beyond.

About the Author

Jim Rea is a retired Methodist minister. He was elected President of the Methodist Church in Ireland in 2003. He worked on the Newtownards Road in Belfast at the Methodist Church for twenty one years and in 1895 founded the East Belfast Mission.

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