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Quench - Cafe Culture Evangelism

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Quench - Cafe Culture Evangelism


The people of Europe are more open to the gospel now than in the last twenty-five to thirty years, but the church is less prepared than ever before to proclaim the gospel in today’s European culture.

Quench: Café Culture Evangelism desires to change that trend – not as a new concept, a new evangelism programme, or another gimmick guaranteed to rejuvenate evangelistic zeal.  It is an approach to people, urging the church to go outside her four walls and into the market place to share the gospel in a natural setting.

With Quench, there is no one size fits all approach. The principles for café culture evangelism are firm, but they need to be adapted for each culture. This book is designed to help people of various cultures think through the issues and nuances of their own situation, as they determine how best to utilize Quench: Café Culture Evangelism.

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