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Mission to Soho

Day One

Mission to Soho

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Mission to Soho : Where two worlds meet

Here is an honest and robust account of what it takes to be a cross-cultural missionary in the most degraded yet colourful area of a great city—the city is London and the culture is Soho.  It is the story of urban church planting in all its raw and realistic challenges at a time when establishing new churches was in its infancy. The Toogood family demonstrated a total commitment to the people they came to save through serving.  For them, people mattered as people and not simply as potential converts. The challenge of living alongside drug, alcohol and sex abuse with its ugly squalor of poverty is overcome by a passion to seize any and every opportunity for the gospel.  Michael and Pam did what Jesus did—and it was costly.  It is not possible to read this account and remain comfortable and complacent with our own meagre commitment to Christ.

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