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Mere Apologetics


Mere Apologetics

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Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers and Sceptics Find Faith

The faith has been defended by great and articulate voices down the centuries. But the challenges of scientific atheism mean we now need a fresh and flexible approach. Alister McGrath is ideally placed to offer robust and intriguing insights into the biblical basis for apologetics and its historical uses. He explores different pointers to faith, such as our innate sense of longing for justice, our appreciation for beauty, and the order we see in the physical world. Various approaches to sharing our faith with others are outlined and McGrath shows how explanations, arguments, stories, and images are all right and useful ways to communicate what we believe. Armed with the tools we need to engage others on this subject, we are guided on choosing the best approach for our particular personality and how we can adapt our approach to suit our audience. Practical, insightful and warmly affirming, this book will have you longing for a chance to put these techniques into practise.


Alister E. McGrath

Alister McGrath was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is now Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University. His writings explore a wide range of topics, at both the popular and scholarly levels, including intellectual history, the relation of science and Christian faith, and the basic themes of Christian theology. He is the author of some of the world's most widely used textbooks on Christian theology, and has been heavily involved in public debates about the rationality of religious belief. His more academic works deal mainly with the area of "natural theology", exploring whether there is any link between the world around us and a transcendent or divine realm.

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