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Learning About True Spirituality

Christian Focus

Learning About True Spirituality

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Most of us could not reply to such a question with a straight answer. We might say that we respect God or fear him. Some would admit to worshipping God, or to even love God - but few are heard to say that they enjoy him. Surely this is wrong! But it is what true spirituality is all about.

People outside the church are eager to explore 'spirituality'. Wallace Benn presents here an opportunity to introduce them to something completely fulfilling - or rather 'someone'.

Wallace doesn't want you to just believe in God, he wants you to enjoy God. He takes, as his starting point, the epistle to the Philippians because Paul says here that he wants to know Jesus, so that he can know God - and thus have joy.

He shows that true spirituality flows out from a personal relationship with Christ and involves increasing your knowledge of him, trusting his, and our, heavenly Father and getting involved in Christ-like service.

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