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Islam in our Backyard

Matthias media

Islam in our Backyard

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The events of September 11 catapulted Islam back into Western Consciousness. Was this the opening shot in a new level of conflict between the ‘Islamic’ East and the ‘Christian’ West? How much were the attacks bound up with Islam itself? Just what does Islam teach, and how are we in the West to relate to it?

In this unique book – part novel, part essay – Tony Payne explores these questions via a series of conversations with his fictional neighbour, Michael. He goes behind the media stereotypes to examine the beliefs and teachings of Islam, in their essence and in their diversity, and explains the origins of Islamic radical groups like the Taliban.

More than that, he explores the religious challenge that Islam brings to Western society – not just in relation to terrorism, but in how we are going to deal with the big questions of ‘God’ and ‘Truth’ in a multicultural society.

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