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Fresh Pathways in Prayer


Fresh Pathways in Prayer

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If you’ve ever felt like you’re the only person who’s thought that prayer is a bit strange, then this is the book for you. It can feel wrong to admit that having a conversation with someone we can’t see can feel rather unusual. Prayer is one of those disciplines that we all know we should be doing more regularly and perhaps enjoying more than we are, but the reality is that it can be something even mature Christians find a struggle. Prayer doesn’t come naturally to most of us which can leave us feeling guilty, stuck in a rut, or far away from God. 

Julian Hardyman tackles head-on those questions we all have about prayer, but feel we can’t ask. He gives us permission to be honest about how our prayer lives are going and he provides fresh, practical ideas to help us to enjoy talking to our heavenly Father.


"This short book will be a tonic to new and mature Christians alike — anyone who feels their prayer life needs some encouragement and energy. This is a great little book, simultaneously practical and profound. Drawing on biblical patterns of prayer along with a careful selection of Christian spirituality across the centuries, Julian Hardyman offers a dozen or so simple things that you can do as you pray. But, if done in the context of faith, they will lead you into a deeper, richer relationship with God. There is something here to freshen up the prayer life of every believer. I’m looking forward to re-reading it and putting it into practice."  Tim Chester, Pastor of Grace Church Boroughbridge and faculty member of Crosslands Training

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