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Engaging With Calvin


Engaging With Calvin

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John Calvin was born on 10 July 1509. Five hundred years later, the ideas of this French theologian continue to influence churches all around the world, and Western culture in general. He has also been a victim of caricature and misunderstanding, even within his own lifetime.
The contributors to this stimulating volume, linked with the 2009 Moore College School of Theology, are united by the conviction that Calvin needs to be heard afresh, understood first on his own terms and then drawn on as a theological resource for Christian life and thought today. The essays explore selected aspects of Calvin's contribution and encourage us to read Calvin for ourselves – for to engage with him as he speaks about the knowledge of God the Creator and Redeemer, whom he served with a singular devotion, cannot but mean that we will have our vision of God expanded and our love for him inflamed.
The contributors are Peter Adam, Michael Jensen, Paul Helm, Robert Doyle, Mark Thompson, Oliver Crisp, David Höhne, Martin Foord, John McClean, Andrew Cameron, Peter Jensen and Colin Bale.

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