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Dig Deeper into the Gospels


Dig Deeper into the Gospels

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Sometimes we think of the Gospels as the 'easy' bits of the Bible. Anyone who has been through Sunday school can tell you that Jesus walked on water, fed the 5,000 and told a parable about a sower. Is there really much more it than that? The conviction of the Dig Deeper books is that God wants us to work hard at reading the Bible in order to discover its true meaning, hence the use of 'tools' to dig and dig again. It's an interactive process. Indeed, the authors want to make finding Bible treasure a possibility for everyone. And we do this with receptive hearts, listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying. "Mark's sixteen brief chapters narrate the most important things that have ever happened in the history of the world. And being a theologian as well as a historian, he tells us what those events mean. We shall discover a diagnosis of the human condition more perceptive than those offered by any modern physician, politician, philosopher or psychiatrist. We shall read of a solution that touches, in the same moment, both the horror of hell and the glory of heaven. We will come face to face with the most powerful, compassionate, frightening, courageous, loving human being ever to have lived. We will be taught how to follow him in a way that will utterly transform our lives.

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