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Book by Book - Ephesians Study Guide

Biblical Frameworks

Book by Book - Ephesians Study Guide

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The book of Ephesians is the most thorough and wide-ranging account of what it means to be the Church, in the New Testament.  The Ephesian Christians lived in the shadow of the massive temple to Artemis, as we read in Acts 19.  That 'wonder of the ancient world' must have dominated not only the skyline but also the thinking of the city. Ephesus was a city full of spiritual darkness and occult power. The Church was the oasis of sanity in that pagan chaos and confusion, the place where the truth of Jesus was lived and taught. The church caused a profound social revolution. Paul's letter to the Ephesians will take us down into the heart of our lives together in the local church.  Do we provoke crises or revolutions in our own towns and cities because of the way we live together? Why is it so important to be part of a local church?  How is the local church the answer to the social problems of the world?  Why is it the proper context for our marriages, families and careers? Why is the church the very centre of the universe?

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