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As Long As the Earth Endures


As Long As the Earth Endures

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Part of Christian 'discipleship of the mind' must be to learn to cultivate theological acuity, so that we see things as God sees them - and act accordingly. With regard to creation and our responsibilities in and for it, the light of the gospel of Je esus Christ illumines much that would otherwise remain shadowy and unresolved. Hence, this stimulating volume offers biblical, theological and scientific perspectives on creation and the environment, in the hope that we may learn to see the world more clearly, to perceive its beauty and brokenness when and where we ought, and to reflect God's love and wisdom in how we relate to all he has made. The contributions begin with Old and New Testament studies, then move through theological reflection to particular applications. While the importance of ecology is recognized, a Christians' first responsibility is to the God who has revealed himself in Christ, and who has called us to his service - and it is out of that calling to serve the Creator and Redeemer God that our motivation arises to share the divine commitment to creation and the environment for 'as long as the earth endures' (Genesis 8:22)

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