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A Covenantal Vision for Global Mission

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A Covenantal Vision for Global Mission

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Bringing together contributors from Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Europe, A Covenantal Vision for Global Mission seeks to ground the growing interest in the missional character of Christian outreach in the classic biblical and historic Reformed theological understanding of God’s covenantal relationship—of creation, grace, redemption, and consummation—with mankind. In the words of editor Peter A. Lillback, president of Westminster Theological Seminary, this is “the best paradigm for developing Christ’s global mission.”

Table of Contents

Foreword by Peter A. Lillback

A Missions Declaration


          Part 1: The Covenant Theology of Mission

1. The Source of Mission in the Covenant of Redemption — Davi Charles Gomes

2. Covenant of Creation, Cultural Mandate, and Mission — Pierre Berthoud

3. The Covenant of Grace as the Paradigm for Mission — Peter A. Lillback

4. Mission and Gathering God’s New Covenant People — Flip Buys

5. Mission in the Light of Covenantal Eschatology — Paul Wells

         Part 2: Covenant Theology and the Mission-Minded Church

6. Missions in the Fear of God — Flip Buys

7. Christ’s Dominion over Creation and Spiritual Warfare in Mission — Henk Stoker

8. Missional Preaching and the Covenant — Robert Norris

9. Tithing as a Covenantal Strategy for Mission — In Whan Kim

         Part 3: Covenant Theology and Global Mission Vision

10. Covenantal Missions and the City — Naas Ferreira

11. The Witness of Reformed Christianity in a Minority Situation: Indonesia — Benyamin F. Intan

12. The Missional Minority in Post-Christian Europe — Paul Wells

13. Covenantal Apologetics and Mission — Guilherme Braun

Epilogue — Kent Hughes

Select Bibliography on Mission and Covenant


Index of Scripture

Index of Subjects and Names

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